Pea, Zucchini, Peach & Mint

Just as I did with Ryan…I am loving this stage of babyhood! Lulu loves trying all sorts of new flavors and I LOVE giving them to her! So far she has loved everything she has tried…except green beans. The girl just don’t like em’ OK!

Lulu, almost 8 months.

But she truly has loved everything else! She is such a sweet little girl. Super happy from the moment she wakes up in the morning. Unless she is ready to eat! Then, everybody better watch out!

And just like I did with Ry, I am making 99% of Lulu’s food. Yes, she has tried the pouches. I am not a saint, jeez! But I actually really enjoy making her food! (Surprised?)

I have it down to a great system too!

Freezing Lulu’s Baby Blends

Plan, steam, blend, freeze, bag.


For this blend I used fresh zucchini, frozen peas, canned peaches and some mint from my backyard pots. Mostly things I keep stocked in my house anyway!

Pea, Zucchini, Peach & Mint Baby Blend

6+ months

2 c frozen peas
4 small to medium zucchini
1 c drained canned peaches (rinse)
6 mint leaves

Rough chop and steam the zucchini. When almost soft, add the peas to the steamer pot so they soften too. Blend in blender with peaches and mint till very smooth. Add a splash of filtered water if needed.

Pour in to freeze trays and let cool. Then cover and freeze. Make sure to date them.
They are good for 3 months in the freezer.