Countdown to NYE!

When it’s time to countdown the seconds to 2019, little ones can celebrate on London time (eight hours ahead of Pacific time) to make their usual bedtimes and adults can toast when the clock strikes midnight. And ALDI will help you entertain like a pro! Their cheese, meat and wine aisles are the stuff that dreams are made of…seriously! 

I have a couple go to tips when it comes to building a fantastic cheese board. Nothing too crazy, just some simple pairings that will make your holiday table really pop!

The Brie Board:

You can never go wrong with some soft, buttery brie. It’s easy on the palette and pairs well with all sorts of fixings! I love the Happy Farms Preferred Double Crème Brie. It pairs beautifully with something sweet like jam or figs. I picked up a bag of Southern Grove California Mission Figs and layered them across the brie wedges. 

A beautiful cheese board is all about layers! So start at the bottom! I scored this slate cheese board from the ALDI finds aisle for just $6.99 and I just love it! It even came with a cute chalk pencil so I can label my cheese. 

For my final “layer” I added a little side dish of Specially Selected Blackberry Fruit Spread. The sweet jam pairs beautifully with the double crème brie. 

The Meat/Cheese board:

I always like to serve a meat board option because it’s a great way to offer something for everyone. You may have a guest that doesn’t want to indulge in all the cheese…that is when the meat option will come in handy! I paired Specially Selected Aged Reserve White Cheddar (which also won the Chefs in America Masters of Taste Gold Medal Endorsement in 2017) with the Appleton Farms Assorted Premium Salami. I also added a small bowl of Specially Selected Blue Cheese Stuffed Queen Olives for a bite of something briney. simple, classic and always delicious. 


The Wild Card:

I always love to serve up some surprising finds! Something unexpected or full of flavor! Like these Specially Selected Hand Rolled Goat Cheese Logs. They come in two exciting flavors (Cranberry Cinnamon, Blueberry Vanilla) and look really festive on your holiday table! I nestled some Happy Farms Preferred Gorgonzola wedges in the center to give an unexpected salty bite and used the cheese as my cracker stands. Adding height to your board will keep things interesting. So try standing your Specially Selected Artisan Crispbreads straight up, instead of layering them down. 

All About The Bubbly:

I love to serve champagne on New Years! Of course I always have a bottle of wine on hand in case someone doesn’t partake in the bubbles. But for the most part, people do. I’m kicking off New Years with Veuve Monsigny Champagne Rosé (for less than 20$!) …but with so many award winning wines and bubbly at ALDI, you can’t go wrong.  

New Year…New Decor:

I love love love this Crofton Stainless Steel Beverage Tub, available starting 12/19 for a limited time! It is the perfect size to chill multiple bottles of wine or champagne but not too big that it takes up your whole table!

I paired it with these hammered copper wine glasses (under 9$!), and available 12/19. I love the rose gold look. So perfect for New Year’s eve!