Olay 28 Day Challenge

Hi y’all. It’s me. Blurry eyed, sleep deprived me. Lulu is now two months old which is so exciting! It also marks the last time I slept through the night! She really is such a good baby. She hardly cries and sleeps for 6-7 hour stretches at night. But it seems that no matter how wonderful your baby may be…that sleep deprivation is no joke. I read an article recently that actually compared a sleep deprived parent’s brain to that of an intoxicated person. I believe it! The biggest difference that I notice from all my sleepless night? The texture and quality of my skin!

I have complained about my new dark circles on IG and so many of you ask me about my skincare routine. Especially during these sleepless nights. How I keep my skin clear or what moisturizer I use…so I thought, maybe it was time I tried something new.

So I decided to take the Olay 28 Day Challenge! If Olay’s Deep Hydrating Eye Gel could battle these eye bags, I was game!

The challenge was to toss out any products you are using and exclusively use Olay! I tried their Olay Total Effects 7- in -1 Moisturizer SPF15 and their Deep Hydrating Eye Gel.

The truth is, so many things in our daily routine can dry your skin out! The AC pumping all summer long, sun lounging, pool water and especially lack of water! During these hot summer months, I tend to not drink as much water as I should…and I’m left with dehydrated skin and lips.

Plus, I got some beautiful melasma on my forehead from pregnancy, so I am all about SPF till it clears up. That’s why I am all about Olay’s 7-in1 Moisturizer SPF 15! It replenishes moisture, evens skin tone, brightens, minimizes pores and reduces dark spots!

Olay’s Hydrating Eye Gel features witch hazel and Pro-vitamin B5 to provide healing properties that regenerate the delicate skin under your eyes. Plus, it’s cooling formula helps to wake up tired eyes. (That’s me!)

It is now Day 28 of my Olay 28 Day Challenge and I truly see a difference! My skin feels more hydrated and my skin tone looks very even! My dark circles seem to be faded and the skin around my eyes feels firm!

I am fully addicted to the eye gel. It feels cool once you put it on and really helps me to wake up on these early mornings.

Now, that the challenge is over and I’m at Day 28…I’m feeling good…think I may just keep on going for another 28!

Join me for your own 28 Day Challenge and scoop some Olay at Walgreens!



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