Bacon Bites

In Texas, this is one of those no-brainer appetizers. I actually grew up eating quail this way. My Dad would bring them back from hunting all day and he would grill them on a big steel smoker out in the yard.

Quail…not so “relatable” for a food blog…or Los Angeles! Haha.

I usually make these with chicken but I had some pork chops that I needed to use and thought that sounded mighty tasty too. Pork on Pork!

This is hardly a recipe…You simply cut up the pork chop (or chicken) in to 2 inch pieces, give or take, and wrap with bacon. I cut my bacon in half so it doesn’t wrap around more than once.

A bit of seasoning and a sliver of jalapeño….

Then pace them on a cookie cooling rack. This gets the bacon crispy all around and gives the grease a drip tray.

Then bake for 20 minutes on 375 degrees.


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