Playroom Bath Makeover

As we wait for the arrival of our new little one, I have been in major nesting mode! Actually, Matt has too!

One of the things I always had on my to do list was a bathroom makeover in Ryan’s playroom. Don’t get me wrong, the bathroom was very pretty and fine just the way it was….but I knew we could make it a stellar little space for her.

The cabinets were a sage green and the mirror matched. It just wasn’t my favorite.

So I spent some time looking around for a really fun wallpaper…

And finally decided upon a cactus/succulent/floral paper that I found on Etsy! We painted the cabinet and mirror white. This was a great way to give it a fresh feel without having to go out and buy new mirrors or fixtures.

I loved this paper because it didn’t stray too far from the green tile in the shower.

I also found this cool, beat up vintage wooden step stool to add to the room. Ryan is very in to doing things for herself, so this wide stool gives me some peace of mind. She can’t tip it over if i’m not watching her!