Ryan’s Okra Recipe

I have posted about Ryan’s love for stewed okra a few times on my IG story and I am always surprised at the response!

I guess this is a strange veggie for toddlers to love- but she has been eating it since she was a baby.

Okra is a real SUPERFOOD! So I am thrilled she loves it. Okra has lots of potassium, vitamin B & C and folic acid. It is high in fiber and is great for regulating blood sugar levels.

Fresh okra is great in the summer but then it is impossible to find! Soooo I love the frozen variety for this recipe. You can buy it in whole pods or pre-sliced and it is just as good!

Brace yourself for the easiest and yummiest recipe…

Start with 2 T of olive oil and some cherry tomatoes.

Add 1 bag (about 4 cups) of frozen sliced okra.

Let simmer a few minutes on medium heat. Add 1 cup of your favorite tomato sauce.

Give it a stir and let simmer until cherry tomatoes soften.

Let cool and serve it up to your toddler….or yourself!

This is one of my favorite recipes too!