Nursery vibes.

We are in the final stretch of my pregnancy and are getting sooo excited to bring home our new little girl! We spend lots of time talking about the baby with Ryan, and even included her in the process of building out the nursery. I think this is so important! I am fully preparing myself for some lovely meltdowns as she adjusts to becoming a family of 4…but for the most part, I think she is going to be an amazing big sister and couldn’t be more excited to see her step in to that role.

Some things we love about the nursery…

This rockstar crib from Incy Interiors! I fell in love with this crib while I was browsing Pinterest and actually built out the rest of this nursery all around it! It was the first piece that I knew we had to have and truly love it so much. It has the great rose gold finish that makes it feel modern, but still has a real vintage feel.

This super sweet wallpaper…

I fell in love with this “woodland” inspired wallpaper. It features baby deer, owls, butterflies and hummingbirds. It gives a very earthy feel to the room. You can find it from Anewall.

Sweet accents…

A couple little happy accents go a long way. You can use them to incorporate a bright pop of color or just to add a bit of “cheery” to the space.

One of my favorite nursery items is also very sentimental! My dear friend Ashley’s grandmother, Marilyn, made this precious knit blanket by hand for our little one. Funny enough, another one of my besties…also named Ashley…gifted us a hand knitted blanket from her grandmother when Ryan was born. This has become a very special tradition that I didn’t even know we were creating, and I couldn’t love it more!


Woven Hamper & storage baskets…

I LOVE the hampers and baskets from The Little Market. I actually waited almost 3 months for them to restock these all white hampers! They are so pretty that they don’t look like laundry baskets, and make it very easy for kids to run over and drop dirty clothes in the hamper themselves.

Now all we need is for her to arrive!

xo Haylie