Ceramics & Bells

I have a new home obsession and thought I would share it with you guys today!

It has been awhile since I did any “home” postings…not sure why! My home is always a work in progress. I am always doing some kind of DIY or redecorating. Gone are the old school days of having your home “done” and not moving things around. Even the slightest shift in energies can breathe new life in to your space, and who doesn’t like that?!


Since we just came out of the BIGGEST Mercury Retrograde of the whole year, I am all about fresh new energy right now! Sound is a great way to reset things. I have a beautiful old brass sound bowl that I love for this purpose…but my newest baby is this beautiful ceramic bell.


A couple good tongs on this bell shifts the energy just enough to give you all the good feels.

Hang on a decorative hook or simply place it on your shelves or coffee table.


You can find this bell and more from my favorite ceramic artist at MQuan.com

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