Italian Soup

italian soup

All this rainy weather has me craving soups BIG TIME!

I have to be honest…I have been hard at work on a really exciting new project and just finished a new movie so I haven’t been logging many hours in the kitchen. Of course I am always still cooking for Ryan but those recipes aren’t always post worthy.

This soup, however? Oh YES.

It is quite simple. Do you ever find that soups can get complicated? Lots of ingredients or steps…I just can’t. This Italian Soup is inspired by a soup I used to order at a small Italian restaurant here in the valley. It’s nice and spicy but cool too, thanks to a splash of cream.

Let’s get started! Slice the skin off a couple spicy sausage links and sauté them with 1/2 a yellow onion till cooked. There is no need to add oil because the fat will start to render in the sausage and grease up your pot. Now, if spice ain’t yo thang…you can do a half and half situation here or you can go with just regular Italian sausage and skip the spice all together.

sausage and onion

Add a peeled and chopped russet potato and 2 cups of chicken stock…bring to a boil.

potato and broth

Add a handful of fresh herbs…


Add torn kale and cream, don’t stir. I let the kale wilt on the top. Stirring it in will wilt it too fast…

Kale and cream

At the last minute I added some chopped roasted bell peppers…

bell peppers

Finish it with a pinch of salt and some fresh ground black pepper…


Italian Soup
Total Time: 1 hour
4 Spicy Sausage links, casing removed
1 large russet potato, peeled and cubed
2 C. chicken stock
Handful of fresh herbs (rosemary & thyme)
2 T lemon juice
4-5 Large kale stalks, stems removed
1/2 C. cream
1 C. roasted bell peppers, diced
1 t kosher salt & black pepper
Sauté sausage and onion in a large stock pot in cooked all the way through. Add potato and chicken broth. Bring to a boil. Add remaining ingredients. Simmer an additional 15 minutes on low to let flavors combine.

Italian soup