Afternoon With Applegate!


In honor of all the kiddos heading back to school (or even heading to school for the first time!), I thought it would be fun to throw a Sandwich Soiree! So I rounded up some of my favorite Mama’s & kiddos to get in on all the action! You may have seen some cute pics from Snap or Insta yesterday, but here are some of my favorites…


Back to school parties are such a great way to get your kiddos excited to head to the classroom…It’s a great way for them to meet some new friends too!

Here are my favorite ways to host your own Sandwich Soiree like a freakin’ PRO!

All About the Food!


For me, a great sandwich is all about the meat! We are an Applegate family…and I think it’s safe to say that the majority of my friends are too! I love that Applegate is all about the humane treatment of animals and is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. It makes me feel good to know that Ryan’s favorite turkey has no hormones, no nitrates and no GMO ingredients.

I served up Applegate Natural or Organic Roasted Turkey Breast, ham and roast beef for our sandwich soiree…and used cute cookie cutters to make the bread, cheese and meats a bit more interesting for the little ones. That way they can make wild shaped sandwiches…but they can still enjoy the classic flavors they love!

A signature sandwich is a must! For adults (or adventurous littles!) I served up a turkey sandwich fit for a queen! You can check out the FULL RECIPE HERE.

Haylie sandwich

Decorative toothpicks are always a good idea…just make sure to remove them before giving their to your child.


We didn’t just stop at sandwiches at our soiree!

Serving up turkey rollups with cheese, fruit and veggies on kabobs is perfect for the busy¬†kid on the go who wants to eat n’ play…


After all, every good kids party has activities…this snack gives them lots of flavors AND a free hand to keep coloring!

Activity Table


Crayons and stickers galore! We set up cute vintage style lunch boxes for kids to take with them…and underneath? Their very own coloring book to take home too!


Mini Farmer’s Market


Setting up a Farmer’s Market for the kids to pick our some snacks is a great way to get kids excited about veggies!

And y’all knooow how I feel about a cut out photo opp! (see Haylie’s Baby Shower!)

A cut out is always a party win! Kids love them and you actually get your kid to stay still long enough to snap some great photos!

OK, so maybe adults love the cut out too…applegate

Some cute water bottles as party favors, packed up nicely in a re-usable grocery bag and voila!


I love a luncheon and especially now that I have a daughter! It’s so fun to take her out for an exciting meal…good for baby AND mommy!

Do you want to know the best part about spending a wild afternoon with your girlfriends and all their kids??


Your little one will be nice and tired…and ready for nap time!

You can check out all the wonderful products from Applegate here!