Stone fruit Sangria

As summer is coming to a close I am trying to find all kinds of ways to enjoy the last of summer’s beautiful bounty. Stone fruits are one of my favorites and certainly a wonderful perk of the warmer months.
I read an article recently that referred to juicy summer peaches as “trash can peaches”…did you catch it?
Peaches so juicy you have to eat them over a trash can because the juice runs all down your hands and arms.
stone fruits
Those are the kind of peaches I grew up with in Texas, and the kind I certainly crave as I make this summery drink…I haven’t found them here in California, but if you have them near you…enjoy!!!
*Like most of my recipes, feel free to adjust the amounts with this…
Stone fruit Sangria
3 Peaches
3 Plums
1 mango
3 c. pitted cherries
1 or 2 bottles white wine (I used a pinot grigio)
1 or 2 bottles sparkling water
1 c. St.Germain
2 tbsp Basil Lemon Simple Syrup
Large handful Mint
Large Handful Arugula
little market glasses
Fill your prettiest party container with all the fruits and top with wine, sparkling water and st. germain. Garnish with herbs.
arugula topper
For simple syrup: simmer 10 basil leaves & 3 lemon wedges with 1 c. water & 1 c. sugar till sugar dissolves. Strain out herbs and lemons and cool water completely before adding it to sangria.
simple syrup