Sweet n’ Spicy Buttered Corn


Every summer we tend to grill up lots of fresh corn…enjoying ear after ear at every bbq and family gathering. It has always been the best side dish to any bbq and will continue to be till the end of time…classic Americana.

buttered corn

That being said, sometimes corn needs a lil sprucing’ up! Don’t get me wrong, I love a simple pad of butter melted across the top…but what about a spice mixture and a touch of honey?


Next time you are steaming or grilling ears of corn for your family BBQ, whip some spice in to your butter and watch those babies transform right before your very eyes!

Simply bring 1 stick of butter to room temperate. Whip in 1 tsp of your favorite bbq spice mixture and 1 tbsp of honey. Slather across each ear of corn and steam or grill.


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