Teaching Baby to Wash Their Hands

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All about those clean baby hands…

As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I wash my hands a lot! Before I even start cooking, during and after…I could wash my hands 5+ times during the course of cooking a single meal. That’s a lot of soap and some soaps can be harsh on your skin!

That’s why it is so important that you care for your hands and use a hand soap with a simple formula.

Matt and I have really tried to create a pure home for our family and I try to always choose gentle products that I feel are better for me whenever I can, especially when it comes to Ryan. That is why I fell in love with Softsoap® brand Pure Foaming Hand Soap on my latest trip to Target.

I can feel comfortable knowing that my family is washing our hands with a simple formula that is dye free, alcohol free and has 100% natural fragrance.

washing hands with my baby Ryan

So I thought I washed my hands a lot in the kitchen, but I swear… I have never washed my hands more than I have since becoming a parent! The pediatrician tells you that everyone should wash up before holding your newborn so most first time parents tend to ask anyone who comes near their child to scrub from the shoulders down before even looking in their baby’s direction…
(I love that commercial where the mom caters to her first baby’s every whim and then hands her second baby over to the dirty mechanic…do you know the one I’m talking about? Makes me laugh every time.)

foam soft-soap
The truth is, hand washing is a big deal! We listened to our doctor and it kept Ryan cold and flu free for 9 months!
Now that she is getting…older… (I might start crying just even typing that word)…I am starting to show her the importance of washing her hands.


Sometimes the hand washing experience is better than others…and sometimes I end up covered in water….Patience is important and so is choosing a good soap…

free and clear

I will tell you a little trick about this soap. It’s a foam!

Yes, we have all seen foam soap before…but why is it great for moms?? Any mom will tell you that teaching a kid to wash their hands is a messy job and ya gotta get it done quick! I’m usually balancing Ryan on a knee and trying to soap and rinse her hands at the same time. The foam rinses mush faster than a regular liquid soap…
Ooooh fooooam!

Plus, it comes in two irresistible scents, Fresh and Lemongrass – both are available at Target and on Target.com

xo Haylie & Ryan


This post sponsored by SoftSoap Pure.