My epic new milk discovery…

Have you ever learned about something new and then the minute you turn around, you are seeing it everywhere?? That is what happened with me and a2 Milk® !!

Some of you may know this, but Ryan just turned one…and with that comes a pretty major change…

a2 milk

She will be saying goodbye to formula and hellooo to real milk! The first year seems to have gone by so quickly, I can hardly believe that my tiny little baby is about to be a toddler! Like most moms, I have so many emotions (hello, moms have emotions over just about everything!) about this…I am so proud of her and all of her new skills but it is also hard to know that so many of those precious baby moments are behind us.

a2 milk

As we embark on toddler-hood I am starting to do my research, just like I did when she was in my belly and at each new stage of her baby moths.

I have no shame in saying that I was/am one of those moms that lives for a good baby blog or forum and have gone to the internet to answer many of my baby questions along the way. The transition to milk has been a big one. I have read a bunch about fussy tummies and negative tastebuds.

That’s when I googled …

a2 whole milk

What I discovered made a ton of sense!

I have heard a lot about sheep’s milk or goat’s milk being easier to digest and it turns out it’s because it only contains the A2 protein. Milk is made of two types of protein A1 & A2…The A1 protein is the culprit behind many people’s digestive discomfort and currently in all conventional & organic milks on the U.S. market.

The a2 Milk Company™ has partnered with U.S. family owned dairy farmers and use only A2 specially selected cows to naturally produce milk, free from the A1 protein. Makes sense, right?

I have to add that all of their farmers are certified in the humane treatment of animals, their cows are fed a vegetarian diet and never given hormones or rBST. The milk is 100% antibiotic free and contains no artificial ingredients or additives.

whole a2 milk

Now that I know about this yummy goodness, I am seeing it everywhere. Isn’t it funny how that happens?

Not only do I LOVE this milk as a first milk for baby, but this is a great alternative for those of you who have ‘self diagnosed’ lactose intolerance issues. (Obviously, use your better judgement here! If your doctor told you not to drink milk, please listen to them…not me!)

Plus, it is a real milk replacement to the chemically processed “artificial milk” choices out there, and you know me, I try to pick the real stuff whenever I can…

xo Haylie


a2 Milk® is available in whole milk, reduced fat 2%, low fat 1% and fat-free

You can find it nationally at Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic, and throughout California in Whole Foods, Ralph’s Sprouts, Gelson’s and many more. 

Photos courtesy of Haylie Duff & Eddie de la Rosa
This post is sponsored by a2 Milk®