Q+A with Chef Josh Capon

I first had the pleasure of meeting Chef Josh Capon one rainy evening in NYC at his uber delicious (and one of my absolute favorite spots) restaurant, Lure Fish Bar. I dream of his crispy rice and spicy tuna…the Lure Roll…but one thing I truly love about Josh’s food vibe??


Holy mother of burger gods. This man makes one mean a$$ burger. He is the reigning champion of the NYCWFF Burger Bash SIX times over and his restaurant Burger & Barrelis the spot to go for an epic burger in NYC. His menu features a BASH BURGER with onion & bacon jam, a BMC BURGER that features griddles onions & raclette cheese and even a fab veggie burger meat (gasp!) isn’t your thang.

Chef Josh Capon

What elements make an epic burger?
The sensation you get when you bite into it and its just perfect in every way! From the Juicy , perfectly seasoned and charred patty, to the bun and all the toppings and condiments coming together as one!

What is your go-to fat/lean ratio?

Do you have a favorite cut of meat or blend?
short rib / chuck / Brisket

What is the number one mistake you see people making when they are grilling’ up burgers?
Playing with them to much, flipping them to many times, and pressing out all those beautiful juices with a spatula. Dont play with your meat! Let them cook and caramelize and do there thing.

You are the reigning champ of the Burger Bash! Out of your 6 winning burgers…which one was your favorite and why?
I’ve won every year with the BASH BURGER. Every year we thought about switching it up but it was too good…and I guess we were right!

Any burger pet peeves?  Pineapple! Definitely NOT a fan of a Pineapple ring on a burger!

What’s on your “Final Meal/Death row” burger?

1. 1/2 of a Lure Burger
2. 1/2 of a BASH Burger
3. 1/2 of a BMCo Burger
4. 1/2 of a Double Barrel burger …..Well done Fries, a couple of onion rings, a cold beer, finish with a Spiked Vanilla shake and I’m good to go and ready for the Pearly Gates (hopefully or else I am in trouble!).

If I am gonna go then I am gonna go on a fully belly of my favorite Burgers!


Check out all of Chef Josh’s restaurants! Whiiiich might take you awhile, because there are quite a few of them!

Lure NYC / Miami
Burger & Barrel
El Toro Blanco
Bowery Meat Co

You can Follow Josh on Insta too! @ChefCapon