Herbs: Get Your Hands Dirty

If you are like me, you dream of big beautiful home herb gardens…tumbling over every potted plant on your patio and creeping out from the edges of all of your flower beds….just waiting to be picked and used at your every whim. That isn’t my reality though! Every time I have planted herbs, they have either choked each other in the container, dried up or just died for some unexplainable reason.

Mike shultz

So I called in the big guns…Meet Mike Scholtz, owner of WildFlora in Studio City. He and his sister, Alexandra opened Wildflora a little over a year ago and it has quickly grown to be known as the landscape/floral shop in Studio City. They are known for their drought tolerant/low water/eco friendly vibe but that doesn’t mean they are sacrificing beauty! Their arrangements are breathtakingly beautiful and inspired by nature. Free flowing, young and modern…just like them!

small planting

Let me give you a little back story here…When Matt and I moved in to our home in Studio City, we did a full renovation and had no landscaping at all. Like, literally just dirt! My mom had been telling me about this new floral shop called Wildflora that had just opened and was dying for me to call them. Being busy with the reno, I put I off. A few weeks later, my mom is driving down the street and see a guy (Mike) wearing a WildFlora teeshirt doing a front yard installation down my street. She pulls over and talks him in to walking over to my house to meet me and take a look at my yard. (Moms, right?!) Mike was nice enough to appease my Mother and long story short, we ended up with the most gorgeous yard.


So, now that National Gardening Month is upon us and it’s time to do some fresh planting Mike is here to show us the ropes…

herb labels

You will need:

Organic Potting Mix
Small Rocks
Container Filter Fabric Scissors

Herbs needs lots of sun and do best in a full sun area with southern exposure

drainage rock

Provide Good Drainage:
Layer 2-3” of drainage rock, and then a layer of filter fabric as that separates the soil from the rock. Then add potting soil.

drainage rock and filter

When it comes to planting herbs, choose a potting mix vs a garden soil , it’s more nutrient rich.

organic soil

*Always try to pick an organic choice for herbs, since you will be eating them.

Some herbs need lots of water! Don’t treat them like indoor plants…water these every day. After three weeks, water them every other day.


*WildFlora Trick: Stick your finger in to the soil about an inch, it should feel moist…if not, add water!


Plant herbs that have similar water requirements. For example, don’t plant basil next to rosemary…

Low Water


High Water

Biodegradable Pots

biodegradable pots

One of the coolest things that I took away from my planting lesson with mike had to do with the pots! Some of the herbs that we bought came in biodegradable pots! The reason for the new pots besides being good for the environment? Less root stress! So many people tear the roots when they pull the plants out of their original container, these plant based ones prevent that…genius! Gone are the days of the plastic green pots that get throw out. Mike suggests tearing off the top half of the pot so that the roots can take faster.

tear the top


With basil, pick from the top at an intersection of leaves, before it flowers. Leave the large leaves at the base as they act as the solar panels of the plant.

Label Your Herbs

My mom gave me these adorable wooden labels and I have just been waiting for the chance to use them!

Mark them


*Great Trick: Mint loves Water! Plant mint near your water hose or anywhere you happen to get lots of drips! We filled the base of my potted lemon tree because it has a drip line…It’s basically a cocktail in a pot! Mint & Lemons!


To check out WildFlora and what they are all about you can visit them at

12313 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, Ca 91604

*If you are loving this vintage bathtub or wash basin, you can find them at


7928 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048