Ryan’s First Fiesta


I can’t believe that Ryan’s 1st birthday is here! This year seemed to fly by…

To celebrate we threw a fiesta in honor of our favorite little party animal…here are some of my favorite ideas and tips!


First, Gold letter balloons go a long way! They add a ton of look to a party and are so simple to blow up and add to any corner of your house…

uno balloons

My second favorite party move…a custom napkin…SO simple to order something cute and very affordable! There are a million store on Etsy that can make just about any style and design you are looking for…

fiesta napkins

Desserts- Let Her Eat Cake!

Every good party is all about desserts and CAAAAKE! We really decided to go all out when it came to the sweets since this would be Ryan’s first bite of cake! I called upon my sweet friend Lauren of A Sweet Savory to help out!


You might remember some of the gorgeous desserts she made for my baby shower…she is one talented chick and she makes a mean cake pop!


I sent her some inspiration pics and away she went! She came back with authentic looking cactus macaroons, succulent topped mini cupcakes and multi colored fiesta piped minis too!


I love the idea of minis for a kid’s party because no one really wants their kiddos eating that much sugar! Just a nice big bite is all ya need…


Ya gotta have a cake pop too…(Luca’s fave!)


Here is miss prim & proper right before she dug in…


Her Dad is the dessert king…if anybody will get her to take a bite it will be him…


Biggest bite she could take!


Plan a Party Game!

We had a high chance of rain, so the day before I had a cute pic of Ryan blown up and attached it to a piece of cardboard. Inspired by the classic game “Pin the Tail on The Donkey”…we went with “Pin The Mustache on The Baby”…We ended up not even playing the game, but it was a good back up plan and a big blown up pic added lots of look to the party decor!

All you need: A large pic, a bandana or blindfold and a couple packs of sticky mustaches!


Mommy’s Margaritas

Look, I know the Birthday is about the kids…but making it to that one year mark is a special celebration for you and your man too! There are lots of milestones for you two as well! Margaritas are always a good idea.

cold drinks

I set up a small margarita station for the parents and those without kids over in the kitchen…away from little busy hands! Keep it colorful with napkins, straws and limes…

*Note: if you serve something that has a cap (like beer) put out a bottle cap bin so people don’t just set the caps down or even drop them on the ground outside! Caps are very dangerous to the little ones, and someone without a child can make an innocent mistake!


Just because it is a kid’s party doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor! I fell in love with these piñata “I’d Hit That” napkins on Etsy…

Hey, parents get to have some fun too ya know!

id hit that napkins

Mexican Serape Blankets

Colorful blankets out in the grass add extra seating and a perfect place for babies AND adults to lounge!


Goodie Bags

No party is complete with a goodie bag! Stuff brightly colored tissue paper in to an assorted color of grab bags and voila! Fiesta goodies for all the kids to take home.

We filled our with plastic sunglasses, whistles, fiesta necklaces, a magic wand and bubbles!

goodie bags

That’s a wrap on Ryan’s birthday AND her 1st year!