Celebrate Cinco de mayo with pico de gallo!


It’s 5 O’clock somewhere!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Bust out a good Margarita and some killer pico de gallo to celebrate!

I love this pico because it’s a great combination of salty and sweet with a spicy and zesty kick!


Total Time: 10 Mins
Prep Time: 0 Mins
Cook Time: 0 Mins

1 cup chopped pineapple
1 chopped yellow heirloom tomato
1 chopped heirloom red tomato
1 chopped cucumber, seeds scooped out
1 chopped jalapeño, seeds removed
juice of 1 lime and a big pinch of sea salt, cayenne & chili powder

Mix well. Strain out excess juice if you wish! Serve with your favorite tortilla chips!


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