Mediterranean “May” Takeover

mediterranean may

As each new month approaches I realize just how quickly this year seems to be going by…

How are we already jumping in to the month of May?? May is a HUGE month for me! Let me make it all about me for a second ok? haha May is my daughter’s birthday month, which means I have a ONE YEAR OLD! Holy shit, excuse my french.


How did this happen so fast? Everyone says that it does, but when you are waking up for those feedings all night long it seems to go by really slow. Then BAM, your child is one. (Check back in to the BABY section soon…I can pretty much GUARANTEE a rant on my feelings about this topic soon)

So, we have Ryan’s big birthday month…It also happens to be my Mother’s birthday AND Mother’s day…but did you know…


May is known as the “Mediterranean Diet” month? It is! Which is great news for us. I love Mediterranean food for so many reasons, but mainly because it is so healthy…and that makes it PERFECT for summer! So many of the recipes of the Mediterranean are very clean..lots of fish, very little oil, lightly seasoned…with food so fresh, the ingredients can speak for themselves.

Sticking with the Mediterranean vibe, I figured we would  just go for it!

wine bucket

This month, I’m featuring lots of Mediterranean inspired recipes and even giving you some tabletop inspiration for ideas on how to throw your very own Mediterranean summer  party at home!

So pull out those ocean blue tone dishes, marinate the olives and buy lots of fresh herbs…it’s time to celebrate The Mediterranean!

photos courtesy of Haylie Duff & Belathee Photography