Butternut Baby Noodles

butternut squash

Feeding a growing baby is so much fun for a foodie!! Trust me, I am loving this phase! Ryan is such an adventurous eater and will basically try anything I give her…for now anyway!

baby noodles

One thing that she really loves is my spirilizer…and I do too! It is one of those kitchen tools that is a luxury not a necessity (this I know) but when you cook as much as I do, you tend to keep a pretty stocked kitchen.

I started using my spirilizer as a way to make veggies fun and it has really worked!! She will chow down on just about any vegetable that can be turned in to a noodle…and these butternut squash noodles are one of her favorites.

butternut squash

You simply crank these babies through the spirilizer and then steam them. I love to add the tiniest amount of butter and then a spice, like nutmeg or cinnamon.

I’m finding that she is really starting to like more flavor, which is great news for me!

If you don’t have a spirilizer, don’t worry! This same flavor works great in a mash or on steamed cubes of squash! No need to go out and purchase something new…unless you got that shopping itch…then DO YOU!

butternut squash

Fun fact about noodles for babies: they are GREAT for their fine motor skills! Plus they keep those busy fingers occupied!