Chili-Salt Summer Shandy


Even though we have had some beautiful April rainstorms I am still all about celebrating my favorite months, rain boots and everything!

Living in LA, every month tends to feel like summer and one of my favorite summer cocktails happens to be the simplest thing around…a summer Shandy!


If you aren’t familiar with a shandy, its pretty basic (that doesn’t mean its for basic bitches!)…think along the lines of an Arnold Palmer…but with a beer!

Its a 50/50 lemonade & beer combo, served nice a chilly! If your lucky, your jug of lemonade has been sitting in a cooler long enough to collect some ice chips…yum!

I like to use a light blonde ale, and more of a tart lemonade than a sweet one.

classic pretzel and mustard

Serve up your shandy with big, delicious pretzels and your favorite mustard…

Plus, you can really spice up your shandy by adding a chili-salt rim! Simply mix 1 tsp of chili powder, 1 tsp of brown sugar & 2 tbsp of margarita salt. Pour on to a small plate. Rim your cups with a sliced lemon and press it in to the mixture.

Bottoms up!

chili salt shandy


photos courtesy of Haylie Duff & Eddie de la Rosa

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