Skinny Skillet Cordon Bleu

I am always looking for new ways to give new life to ho-hum chicken breasts… it tends to be the quickest “throw it in the skillet” choice for dinner around here but I get really sick of it…

I love simple grilled chicken breast, don’t get me wrong but how many nights can I eat it? Plus, most versions of a skillet chicken tend to be with a lemon sauce…or a mushroom sauce..or marinara.


skinny cordon bleu

I love all the deliciousness of traditional cordon bleu, but who on earth is taking the time to roll it up, stuff it, etc.. not me….I will however, layer all those same yummy flavors in my trusty cast iron and achieve the same wonderful effect!

Here is what cha do…

dredge your chicken

I call this chicken skinny because it is! There is no flour in the breading on these bad boys but you still get a really wonderful crispy crust.

Using a food processor, pulse …

2 cups unsalted almonds
1/2 parmesan cheese
1 tsp kosher salt

Till powdery fine, like flour. Don’t go too long and let it turn to almond butter though.


Now, you dredge the chicken. Heat a skillet to medium heat with 1/4 – 1/2 cup canola oil (depending on how many breasts you are making)

Set aside two glass containers. One for your dry ingredients and one for your wet. One will have your almond/cheese mixture, the other will have two whipped eggs.

First,  dip the chicken breast in to your dry ingredients…then your wet. Then dip it back in to the dry ingredients and then place in to the skillet.


Cook chicken approx 3-4 minutes on each side, or until each side is golden brown. Watch your heat and be careful not to cook them too fast. It would be better to turn your heat down lower and to take your time…

Nobody likes over-cooked chicken, yuck.

Also, add oil if needed between breasts.

RGK Tip: Don’t over crowd your pan! It will reduce your heat! Two at a time is usually the most you should do..

brown both sides of chicken

Next, layer a slice of ham and a nice of swiss cheese on each of the chicken breasts. I try to give the ham and cheese time to come to room temp before adding it to the chicken so it melts faster, but if not you can always place a lid on top of your skillet for a couple seconds and it will speed up the process.

ham and cheese

There you have it! Melty, delicious Cordon Bleu with no fuss!

Garnish with some fresh chopped Italian flat leaf parsley and serve right away. The whole family will be requested this one again, I promise!

melted cheese

xo Haylie

photos courtesy of Haylie Duff & Eddie de la Rosa