Salted Watermelon Pops

These cuties couldn’t be easier…honestly, I feel bad even calling these a recipe but I guess they count…

unspecified-watermelon pops
(Shoutout to my man, M.R., whose initials I found on this vintage tea towel! I love when an old find has a personal touch.)

I love that these pops are great for kids and adults. For the kiddos, you can throw them in the freezer plain or with some simple honey drizzled over them.

salted watermelon pops

But for the adults you can really get wild! You can add a pinch of salt, which if you have not have salt on watermelon you have not lived. You can add chili powder and lime juice. You can soak them in tequila and freeze them to make dirty pops…(just be careful not to mix these up when kids are around please! Use different sticks or mark the ends of the sticks)

The possibilities are endless!

watermelon pops

Simply slice watermelon in to wedges and make a small incision in to the end with a knife. Carefully press the popsicle sticks in to the rind of the watermelon and freeze them for a couple hours before serving.

photos courtesy of Haylie Duff & Eddie de la Rosa