DIY Epic Succulent-ness


Some of you may have seen my succulent pic on instagram…well, I have to come clean…they are FAKE!

perfect pot

But you guys, real talk…I love succulents. Like, literally live for them. They are so unique and interesting, and I love the texture they add to any pot. Plus, California is the perfect place to grow them too, so why do mine always DIE??

These babies are expensive and I can’t keep one alive for longer than a second. I have bought them time and time again, thinking each time will be different, but no.

You know what?? I’m over it! I’m done letting them get me down! I’m taking succulent matters in to my own hands and I’m saying “no more”…

Enter the “faux succulent”…beautiful as ever and never going to die. That’s right, FAUX! (Just like everything else in LA!)

The truth is, faux plants have come a long way…I remember the silk variety…that looked so incredibly fake and were always filled with dust. These are not that. These look so incredibly real that even up close and to the touch they seem real.

The only thing unreal about them is the fact that they won’t die on you…

The nitty gritty: they are about double (some are less) what you will pay for real succulents, however if you are like me…I have already made multiple attempts at succulent pots. Had I just bought the faux succulents in the first place, I would have spent less. Bam.


What you need:

Heavy Duty Scissors
Knife Sharpener
Foam Board
Artificial Moss
A Pen or Sharpie
Newspaper or Packing Peanuts

foam board

Getting started:

First, fill your pot with newspaper or packing peanuts. Measure circumference of your pot and cut your foam board to fit snugly inside. Use small scraps to make a tight fit.

Arranging your succulents:

Start with the biggest and tallest plant first. Place it in the center. Using your life sharpen, gently press a hole through the foam board and press succulent through. Arrange the next largest size around the base of the center plant. Continue in this order. Fill in any gaps and base of succulents with moss.

big succulents

A couple things to remember…

To make your succulent pot really pop, go for variations in color! Look for lime, emerald, silver, purple, red, peach…you name it…

faux succulents

Also, I love the look of the side hanging succulent…always a great choice.

Best of luck on your faux succulent journey!


xo HD

If you are loving my faux succulent, check out this cute DIY faux lavender pot!

(I found mine at a place called Aldik Home in van nuys, but also found some really good fakers on amazon!)