Nori & Sesame Popcorn

nori popcorn

When two of my favorite snacks met, it was honestly…true love!

This is such a simple way to jazz up your popcorn but is oh-so-yummy…a bit of prep is all you need. Can we also please take a minute to enjoy the old school-ness of jiffy pop. What is better??



Total Time: 10 Min
Prep Time: 5 Min
Cook Time: 5 Min

2 Tbsp of rice seasoned furikake (find at most supermarkets)
10 sheets of seaweed snack (I used the wasabi flavor)
1 tsp seasoned salt (I used Johnny’s)
1 bags popcorn

Finely Chop 10 sheets of seaweed. Combine seaweed, fruitcake and seasoned salt. Prepare popcorn. Toss over warm popcorn and serve immediately.



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