My Chobani Addiction Continues…


As my daughter, Ryan, turns 9 months…I am finding it harder and harder to get her to try different types of foods. She is very opinionated when it comes to flavors that she likes!! Honestly, this is stressful sometimes because I worry that she is getting too much sugar (um, fruit is obvs a fave) but it also makes me feel like she will be strong and an independent thinker who speaks her mind.  A bit of an attitude is ok in my book…but check back in with me in a couple years. haha. The one thing this girl will ALWAYS chow down on is yogurt. All the live bacteria and probiotics are so good for her little tummy, which makes this mama very happy.

I recently told you guys about my favorite yogurt brand, Chobani, and why I love everything about them…but now, they are taking things to the next level! I really upped my yogurt game after having a baby. I tend to choose yogurt as my on the go snack and even as a late night snack to curb a sweet tooth!!

chobani simple 100 crunch

Speaking of sweet tooth…enter your new best friend…Chobani Simply 100 “Crunch”…This is the newest thing to come from Chobani® and there’s nothing else like it out there. It’s my favorite Simply 100® yogurt, with a side car of mixins!

Yes, those are cookie crumbles. Not Granola or oats. COOKIES. This is everything! With flavors like Blueberry Cookie Crumble, Strawberry Chocolate Truffle and Mango Cone Crisp…there is something for everyone.

Just in case you missed it…these babies are all 100 calories! So you can snack away on waffle cones, chocolate rice crisps, chocolate cookies and oatmeal cookies without busting your diet!

simply 100 crunch chobani

This post sponsored by Chobani Simply 100 “Crunch”