Salted Vanilla Bourbon Extract


Vanilla extract is one of those items I always keep in my pantry. It is a great addition to so many recipes, especially things you don’t always expect!

But vanilla extract can be a tricky beast! It has to stay at the right temperature…the minute it gets too hot you have a sour-ed sticky mess on your hands. It has to stay in a dark and cool place. That means not the cabinet above your stove!

Here is the other thing about vanilla extract…you want to use a good one, and they can get pricey!

Did you knooooow…it is like, super easy to make your own??

vanilla beans

Start off with some good quality vanilla beans, like madagascar…slice them open and scoop out the beans…

vanilla extract

Fill up some easily sealed glass bottles with beans and bourbon…and a tiny pinch of sea salt. That’s it! Now you are all ready to infuse cocktails, sweeten up your coffee and bake your face off…after 1-2 months.

I love these for hostess gifts too!

Total Time: 1 – 2 months
Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Madagascar Vanilla Beans
Bourbon (I used Four Roses)
Sea Salt, 1 pinch (you can omit if you wish)

Slice open pods so beans can seep out. Fill glass bottle with 2-3 pods. Fill Bottle with bourbon. Add pinch of sea salt if desired. Store in cool dark place for 1 -2 months before using.

vanilla extract