Why I’m Loving Chobani Simply 100®

chobani simply 100

Some families tend buy certain groceries over and over again. My mom, without fail, always has bacon in her refrigerator. My sister…sliced turkey and something salty, like pickles. For us…we are a yogurt house! It is always on our weekly grocery list and at any given time, you can find at least three different flavors in our refrigerator. Matty is all about strawberry Chobani. Call him a purist, if you will…the guy knows a good thing and sticks with it.

chobani greek yogurt

Usually, I’m all about the classic plain Chobani greek. (You guys know, I use it in so many of my recipes!!!) From my almost famous Buffalo Chicken Dip to my Slow Cooker Spinach & Artichoke Dip…it is the perfect ingredient to substitute things like mayo or cheese.

But lately, I’m head over heels in love with these new Chobani Simply 100® flavors. The strawberry banana and mixed berry have become my new staple. It has just enough of the sweet fruit goodness without over-powering the classic tart greek yogurt taste, that I love. Plus, it tastes like real fruit…because it is!!


Let’s Talk Health

We see the commercials…and we are constantly told that yogurt is good for us…but is it?? And WHY? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? Not all yogurt is good for you! There are lots of traps and little things to look for when picking the yogurt that is right for you and your family.

The first thing I look at is the amount of sugar in each serving…that’s right each serving (my mom is a diabetic, so this is pretty major for us).…there can be more than one serving in a small container of yogurt. Major trap!  Chobani Simply 100® has 75% less sugar than regular yogurt (based on USDA data) and there are no artificial sweeteners, so the sugar you are eating is natural!

What about the Milk?? Chobani Simply 100® is made with milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones and features less than 5% lactose. That’s good news for any of you lactose intolerant babes. The good bacteria (live, active cultures) found in greek yogurt will help digest the lactose for you.

Speaking of digestion, Chobani Simply 100® can be your diet’s best friend! Greek yogurt can help improve your digestive system, help ease gastrointestinal conditions, and improve your immune health. That means a healthy and flat tummy for all!

With only 100 calories you can snack guilt free!


This post sponsored by Chobani 100®