DIY Cold Brew Coffee

cold brew

We all think of coffee as our morning routine…but what about coffee as your night time routine??

I am all about the cold brew coffee trend! It’s less acidic, gives you less coffee jitters and can be made in big batches…for convenience…You know us mama’s are all about convenience!

All the fancy coffee houses are serving up cold brew, and usually charging an arm and a leg for it…but did you know you can make it at home?

Making your own cold brew couldn’t be any easier!



All about the Beans

You want to buy good beans! Pick a special blend or something that really speaks to you. Cold brewing your coffee will bring out the aromatics of the beans, so pick something yummy.

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My Favorite Cold Brew Blend

Total Time: 12- 24 hrs
Prep: 5 Min

1 Cup Course Ground Coffee Beans
2 Cups Cold Water
Pinch of Cinnamon
Drop of Vanilla Extract

Pulse whole beans in a coffee grinder right before using them. Using a french press, add grounds and 2 c water. Give it a stir. Refrigerate for 12-24hrs.

If you don’t have a french press, don’t worry! You can make this in a large pitcher, then strain grinds through a cheese cloth and fine mesh strainer.


Add your favorite almond milk, milk or cream…

That’s it! Sip away.

*Cold Brew will stay good for 3 days in the refrigerator. Beyond that, I would make a fresh batch.

cold brew