Mom Hack: Crayon Masterpiece


Every mom thinks their kid has mad skills when it comes to…well, just about everything! Art class, in particular. I don’t know of a mom who doesn’t enjoy a homemade masterpiece and isn’t thrilled to display it proudly on the family refrigerator or tape it to a window.

But what about when your little Picasso decides to make their masterpiece directly on your freshly painted wall?


cucumber crayons

It happens to the best of us and even the sweetest of kids. My sister had a play date at her house once that ended with the visiting kid leaving her beautiful markings up and down Hil’s newly renovated walls.

Mama, I got you. Thanks to a deep Pinterest hole one night, I discovered one more reason to think that cucumbers are magical vegetables.

Not only are they a must for any good greek salad, they de-puff those tired mommy eyes and jazz up your favorite cocktail…now they can remove those pesky crayon marks directly off your walls!

That’s right! The skin of the cucumber can gently remove the crayon without damaging and scuffing away the paint.

Simply, rub in a gentle circular motion and voila!


*Let’s keep in mind, this is for small areas! If your precious angel baby takes crayon to an entire wall, more than likely the best option is to scrub with something abrasive and repaint.