Turkey, Apple & White Cheddar Sandwich with Greek Yogurt Aioli

good turkey sandwich

Sunday are good for things like long lazy brunch, good cups of coffee, hikes, cozy movies in bed and when lunch time hits…a great sandwich! Yesterday, I was all about the ‘wich…

I have a couple requirements when it comes to a good sandwich. First, the bread. Ya gotta have good bread! Crusty baguettes, seedy slices, sour, rye…I’m not picky,about what type of bread…just the taste!

Next, the spread…every great sandwich has a killer spread! My favorite sandwich growing up was from a place called Antone’s in Houston, Tx…their spread was called chowchow and I still have dreams of it…

Think about it though, ever had a dry sandwich and thought it was awesome? No, never!

Last, go for texture! Soft and crunchy combos make the most epic sandwiches. You can’t go too soft and you can’t go too crunchy. That’s why you ALWAYS potato chips on your sandwich, given the option…



Total Time: 10 Min
Prep: 5 min

1 Baguette, halved
1 organic apple, green or red
2-3 slices of zesty white cheddar
3-5 slices of roasted turkey
1 large pickle, sliced flat and thin on mandolin

To assemble sandwich, cut baguette if half, lengthwise. Toast on grill pan for added texture. Layer greek yogurt aioli, pickle, turkey, white cheddar, and apple.

greek yogurt aioli

For Greek Yogurt Aioli

1 tbsp greek yogurt, plain
1 tbsp whole grain mustard
1 tbsp mayo
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1 pinch kosher salt