Baby Food: Chicken Stew

chicken stew

I have had so much fun cooking for Ryan and watching her try all sorts of new flavors! I have to admit, I really enjoy when she likes something…but it sure is funny when she doesn’t! My girl scrunches her face, recoils and spits out anything she doesn’t like…at least she “speaks” her mind!

Her first bite of plain, boiled chicken did not go well. It was a “recoil, gag, grab her sippy cup, chug water and then throw it up” kind of situation…I understand her feelings though. I don’t want to eat plain boiled chicken either! Yuck.

Mixed with some things she does like though, chicken is a win! I make her this “chicken stew” and she kicks her feet and gives big grins. It’s pretty simple, feel free to play with ingredients!

Total Time: 10 Min
Prep: 5 min

1 tbsp chicken puree
1 tbsp sweet pea puree
1 tbsp carrot puree
1 tbsp of apple puree

Add filtered water or homemade chicken broth to adjust consistency to baby’s liking. Serve warm.

You can add/substitute squash, yams, green beans, zucchini, etc

  • Please always puree solids to a safe consistency for baby’s age/ability to chew & swallow
  • Always allergy test each ingredient before serving a blend to your baby
  • This mixture is good in the refrigerator for 2-3 days and the freezer for 1 month
  • Always heat test before serving

chicken stew