Kitchen Skill: Caring For Cast Iron

cast iron

Oh, cast iron, how we love you…but what a pain you can be! Have you ever opened up your cabinet to find that your cast iron has a nice layer of rust on it? I have and it is a bummer.

Different people will tell you different things when it comes to caring for your cast iron…my grandmother never touched hers with soap…just a hot rag. While I like her style, I’m a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my kitchen. I use soap, but only when really needed! Sometimes hot water just won’t get the job done.

After soaping up your cast iron, it is important to get it really dry! Placing your dish over a hot flame with dry it out quickly.

If you used soap…

Season your cast iron! Drip a tablespoon of olive oil in to the dish and spread it all through the pan with your hands. Voila!

With the right care, cast iron should stand the true test of time!


cast iron