National Hot Tea Month

photo by Alexis Siemons
photo by Alexis Siemons

Did you know January is National Hot Tea Month? Well, it is. And I’m pretty excited about it!

I love tea, and drink it daily in my home. From Green Tea to Sleepytime Tea…I’m a fan, pure and simple. I believe in the benefit of “tea drinking” for your body and your mind. Nothing can soothe your soul like a warm cup of tea.

I started thinking of how I could make National Hot Tea Month special, and then I stumbled upon Alexis Siemons (@TeaspoonsandPetals) on instagram. This chick loves her some tea and I love me some Alexis! Not only is Alexis a tea consultant and writer, she also loves to cook with tea and even creates her own blends.

Lucky for us, Alexis is joining the RGK family this month! She will be giving up some great tips, opening our eyes to unique pairings, breaking down Matcha and even showing us how to make our own chai! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Hot Tea Month!

Dust off your tea cups and get your favorite cozy mug ready…this month, it’s all about the teas..

xo HD