2016 New Year, Better You!

better you

I know that January is all about starting fresh/over/new…resolutions, closing old chapters and opening new doors! Do you ever feel like there is a ton of pressure involved with all this “new” stuff? If you are like me, my new years resolutions tend to fall off somewhere in February, leaving me feeling like a quitter. Last year, I vowed to not have any resolutions, and that worked out well for me…but this year, I am ready to make a few.

2015 brought all kinds of crazy new and wonderful changes to my life! Ryan Ava being the biggest! Becoming a mother has been something I knew I always wanted, but I never knew how it would change my heart. I have never loved this hard, ever. It is exciting and intense and any mother will tell you that no matter how hard it gets at times, it is the best thing you will ever do. So instead of making new years resolutions that ADD stress and pressure to my life…this year, I’m going to just take it easy…

ryan and me

This year, my resolution is to just BE BETTER.

Better to myself, kinder to myself.

Be more understanding/more patient…

I’m vowing to focus of healthy eating, without dieting…

Read more. (Elective reading! Not work reading…)

To meditate more…

To “unplug” more & spend more time with my family and friends…


To drink more margaritas…

Nap More.

To spend more time with my dogs… (I know they feel neglected after baby)

My final vow for the New Year is to ease up on my family. (So I’m vowing to TAKE OUT ALL MY STRESS ON STRANGERS!!!!! ha I’m just kidding)… It is true what they say, that you take your stress out on the ones you love. So this year, I’m going to try my hardest not to do that!

What are your resolutions? Are you making any?