Home: Repurposed Drink Station

photo by Belathee
photo by Belathee

Nothing makes me happier than when I can get multiple uses out of one great purchase. That is exactly what I got with this great, vintage French wash basin! I bought this a couple years ago and have used it for so many things!

photo by Belathee
photo by Belathee

It’s first life, it lived by my bathtub… filled with beautiful salts, soaps and bubble bath. The towel rack on the side was perfect for hanging new washcloths or hand towels.

Next, it was a mini clip garden. I planted some herbs in it when I lived in Venice Beach. I was writing my cookbook and I needed access to herbs all the time. It was easier to grow them than to have to go out and buy them constantly.

After that, it was a dog leash and treat bowl.

drink stations

Now, I’m using it as a beautiful drink station! I cleaned out the bucket, filled it with ice, chilled a couple bottles of our favorite naughties and added some fresh mint and limes for the tequila.

Super simple, and super pretty!