My ‘End of Year’ Letter

photo by Belathee

At the end of each year I like to write myself a little note. Nothing too intense, just something to remind myself of all the ups and down, goals and unexpected surprises of the past year. It is a great way to look back and take note of all that you have accomplished..or didn’t accomplish! The truth is, some years are better than others and thats ok. But to see it on paper helps me to see where I need to be focusing more, or where I need to lighten up a little.

I’ll be honest with you, I have had years that didn’t come to an end in exactly the way I would have liked…and it does hurt a bit. But the ‘end of year’ letter is not meant to be something you dwell on! It is meant to be something that can inspire you to love more, reach higher and work harder!

end of year letter

I have also had years that far surpassed anything I could have dreamt of on my own. Of course those years feel fantastic, but they come with their own set of things to think about too.


This year, sometime before New Year’s Eve, write up your end of the year letter…it isn’t meant to be shared…so don’t hold back! Write all the things you want to enter your world in the next year…manifest it, work towards it and make it your reality!

Happy New Year!

Love, Haylie