Baby: Travel Essentials List & Tips

travel list

Welcome to traveling with a baby. It is crazy! Truthfully, you have never needed and yet somehow not needed so much stuff in your whole freakin life!

Here is a guideline to what to pack for a family vacay…

Depending on where you are traveling you can adjust this list. Think of this as my way of taking something off your plate! Mamas gotta help each other out, y’know?

My suggestion? Print this list and mark it up with a pen! Cross out what you don’t need for this particular trip, add the things you do! Each “baby list” tends to be a work in progress.


Toiletries: Buy all travel sizes if possible! I found almost all my favorite products in travel size on Amazon. This is a HUGE space saver. Even if you bring two of some things, they are still usually smaller than the big bottles.
Baby Tylenol (plus oral syringe)
Diaper cream
Body Lotion or Oil
Body wash & shampoo combo (like babyganics)
Nose aspirator

Daytime Diapers
Overnight Diapers
Wipes (I bring 1 big container in my luggage and a travel size on the plane)
Doggy Cleanup Bags (tend to be cheaper than the baby ones and contain stinky diaper smell!)
Travel Changing Pad

BM or Formula
Baby food/rice cereal
Bottles & Nipples
Sippy cup
Spoon with travel case
Mini bowl
Bibs (we bring tons! 4-5 a day at this point, teething!)
Boppy or BF pillow (if needed)
Travel size bottle brush & Bottle cleaner

If Nursing:
Pump, Storage bags & a sharpie (to label!)
Nipple cream
Nursing cover (for flight privacy)
Milkscreen test strips (so mom can enjoy a margarita or a glass of wine one night, safely!)

Toys & Comforts:
4 pacifiers & teethers
2 Lovies (if used)
Favorite snuggly stuffed animal
Baby Einstein Playmat (this rolls up really flat!)
1-2 bath toys (can double as beach toy)
1-2 quiet toys for flight (pick things that sound can turn on/off for peace on the plane)
Favorite book
1 wild & crazy light up toy (For emergency only, this will make people on place next to you crazy!)
1 crib sheet (I don’t always bring one, up to you)
2 baby blankets
2-3 pj’s (adjust for length of trip)
Sound machine (optional, you know if you need it or if you don’t! WE DO!)

2-3 outfits per day (adjust if needed, you know your baby!)
Shoes or sandals

Travel Stroller
Car Seat (If traveling to NYC, don’t bother)
Baby Carrier
I know it’s a bummer, but I truly suggest buying the travel bags that go with each piece. The carry straps will make life easier and keep your gear cleaner and looking newer for longer!

Baby Tub, Baby Monitor, Pack&Play, Bouncer (we actually love traveling with a bouncer! Especially when Ryan was very small. It seems overboard, but when your baby can’t sit up on their own a small collapsible bouncer gives them a nice place to safely sit, plus it gives you some hands free time)
Cold Weather:
Extra coats, warm pants & leggings, and hats!

Warm Weather:
Swimsuits, sunhats, swim diapers, swaddle blanket (for draping stroller if needed)

Requests at hotel:
Each hotel is different, and some are more baby friendly than others…but when you make your reservation, ask what they offer for mini guests. A lot of times they offer complimentary cribs, changing tables and even diaper genies! On Ryan’s first trip to Hawaii, she was only 3 months old and I was still super tired! The hotel helped me rent a comfy glider chair for our room so I could nurse/rock her to sleep easily. The rental was only 15$ a day and worth every penny! You can always look in to these type of options too. The vacation is for everyone!! Why not try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Mama deserves some relaxation and rest too!

Let’s talk about your carry on luggage for a minute, shall we? This list looks long, but in reality…I fit all of these items (minus boppy) in a jujube large tote bag. The more streamlined for the flight, the happier you will be…I promise! Plus, you get bragging rights amongst your friends…like “yup, this is how we roll… baby, stroller & a tote bag!”

On the Plane List:
Travel Changing Pad
5 Diapers (adjust depending on baby/length of trip)
Wipes (look for a travel size pack)
5 doggie cleanup bags
Nose aspirator
Pacifier x 2
1 baby blanket
Boppy (I love traveling w bop because Ryan will curl up and sleep in it! Gives me free hands!
1-2 bottles
BM/Formula (on the go packets are great)
1 Change of clothes in case of accident (I suggest you bring these in a plastic bag!)
1 Change of clothes FOR YOU in case of accident!
1-2 quiet toys, 1 book, 1 wild toy (like a light up ball, pref bright lights but no noise)
Baby Tylenol & Oral Syringe
Travel size bottle brush & cleaner

Lots of plastic bags! These will keep toys and teether clean!

Buy a large bottle of water after you get through security! For yourself or mixing formula!

For you: Wallet, lipbalm, small snack, sunglasses, cellphone & charger, a good book.

*Great tip if nursing! Use your breast pump bag as your purse! Usually they are a simple black tote bag or backpack anyway! Simply tuck your essentials in there and rock that baby like it ain’t no thang! No one will even notice!