3 Ways to Use a Vintage Bottle Drying Rack

bottle rack

I stumbled across this awesome vintage bottle drying rack while I was out Christmas shopping and fell in love with it! The patina is a beautiful shade of french grey and it is in really good condition. As I looked at this thing I thought “I couldn’t actually use that to dry Ryan’s bottles on, could I?”

OK, probably shouldn’t.

bottle rack

Buuut I do think this thing is super cool and there are all kinds of cool things to use it for…glass bottles, mini creamers and tea cups…

bottle rack

But what about using it to hold your gift wrap ribbon for the holidays? (Simply place spools of ribbon right on top of each spike)

ribbon holder

Or even as a unique holiday card display? Our mantle get way too hot to fill it with cards, so this year we are proudly displaying our loved ones with our vintage bottle drying rack.

card holder

You can scoop one up for yourself at Vintageweave Interiors.

7928 West 3rd Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90048
323.932.0451  or you can email the store for inquiries @vintageweave.com

Good luck figuring out how to gift wrap this thing…ha!