All About Gift Wrap

Great gift wrapping is all about the details! Little cute gift tags, unique ribbon, pretty paper, etc…

gift wrap

To tackle the holiday gift wrap, you need a good set of scissors and lots of tape! Have you seen the heavy duty gift wrap tape? GET IT!! It’s a game changer! It’s great for taping burlap ribbon and heavy papers.

Gift tags are also a must! Let’s try to upgrade out gifts this year, shall we? No names written in sharpie please! Gift tags are easy and add a ton of look. You can even go the DIY route and make them yourself out of simple cardstock paper!

scissors and gift tags

Let’s talk about paper!

pretty papers

This year, I’m loving all the pretty neutral papers! I’m choosing whites, creams, polka dots and even marbled papers. I love these because they tend to blend beautifully in to anyone’s home, and look great under any style tree! Plus, any paper you don’t use up can be used for other gifts throughout the year! Gotta love that…

The ribbon…


I love me some ribbon!!! This year, I’m all about doubling up that ribbon!

double ribbon

Try layering a thinner ribbon on top of a thick flat ribbon for added pop to each gift!

(Isn’t the metallic stripe through this burlap ribbon just to die for?? Love.)
simple brown box

Finally, what is more classic than a simple brown box with a beautiful linen ribbon? Jazz up a classic by tying up some jingle bells and a thoughtful tree ornament!

Happy gift-giving!