Baby: FluidiTea for Breastfeeding Mama’s


Breastfeeding is such a special experience for you and your baby, but it can also be really challenging…not just physically but psychologically too!


Am I making enough milk? Why can I only pump a couple ounces? What can I do to make more? If you are a breastfeeding mama, you have more than likely asked yourself these questions…I know I have! I can’t tell you how many hours I spent reading mommy blogs, looking for advice on breastfeeding. Honestly…y’know what? Not even advice…just the comfort of knowing that other moms were having the same thoughts and or fears that I had. For me, I was always worried that I wasn’t making enough milk…which I know is silly…but I couldn’t see it! This literally kept me up at night. As a mom, you just want to be the best you can and do the best for your baby. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves…usually way more than anyone around us would!

steeping tea

Fluiditea was a game changer for me. There are a zillion things out there that claim to boost your milk, or unclog milk ducts…and you may have something you already like! But for me, this is it. Not only does it taste great, but their formula was created over 100 years ago and are made from real and powerful herbs that are carefully selected and mixed.


They aren’t just focused on breastfeeding issues but also restoring the balance of your whole body! (Heeello!) Moms tend to put themselves last, and any mom will tell you that those first few weeks are the toughest! You are recovering from having your baby, learning/teaching your baby to breastfeed and trying to feel like yourself again…usually without sleep! I really love that Fluiditea is thinking about the moms too.


It is 100% natural and plant based, and there aren’t any other products out there that contain the same goodness that Fluiditea does…

What can it do?

*Maximize Milk Supply

*Enrich Milk Quality

*Strengthen baby’s growth

*Prevent and resolve milk duct clogging

*Optimize breast milk flow

*Ease sore and tender breasts


How do I use Fluiditea?

For “flourish & grow” you can start drinking the tea as soon as you deliver your baby!

For blockage, start drinking “clear & flow” as soon as you start to feel hard spots or slower milk.


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