Repurposed: Laundry Basket > Gift Wrap Station

gift wrap basket

Sometimes I stubble across something so simple I think to myself “how on earth did it take me this long to figure this one out?”

I was wrapping gifts yesterday and doing laundry (it seems like we always have laundry going now that we have a baby!!) when the idea hit me. Why can’t that tall laundry basket on wheels become my new mobile gift wrapping station for the holidays?? Maybe you have seen this before…or maybe you have been doing this for years! Well, I have NOT and I can’t imagine why.

It’s honestly the perfect container for all the gift wrapping mess that happens this time of year. My living room and kitchen are constantly in a state of “wrapping” right up until the Christmas eve. It drives me crazy!!

laundry basket

Being able to contain it all to at least ONE spot gives me a bit of my sanity back!

I scooped up this laundry basket from World Market fairly recently, so they might still have some! It is great for gift wrap for a couple reasons…It’s tall, so all your rolls of paper can stand upright….it’s got a nice weight to it so it won’t fall over if you over-stuff it…and it’s got wheels.

Woohoo! You can roll this baby all over the house!


gift wrapping paper in basket

Don’t get me wrong, it is a great laundry basket too…but I am willing to give up one laundry basket this time of year in order to contain the holiday gift wrap craziness!

*I dropped all my spools of ribbon in there too! Ladies & gentleman, one stop shop.