Holiday Warm & Fuzzies: Hot Toddy

hot toddy

A few days ago I posted a pic of a bourbon hot toddy on my @RealGirlsKitchen instagram and lots of you wrote in asking for the recipe! It’s so funny, because there almost isn’t a recipe! Everyones recipe will be slightly different…and some may be a bit more heavy handed than others!

I have been drinking hot toddy’s for as long as I can remember, and the good news is…they are pretty hard to mess up! I’ve yet to meet one I didn’t like.

It’s the holiday drink that I look forward to every year- forget the eggnog!


I’m usually not a bourbon drinker (or a hard alcohol drinker in general), with the exception a good margarita! But this is different. For some reason, the hot water, the lemon and the sweet honey really zap the burn of the bourbon! It’s just a warm, smooth drink that coats your throat when your not feeling great and gives you one hell of a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Here is how you go about making one…

Boil water in a kettle…

Add 1 – 2 oz of bourbon or whiskey to a cozy mug (cozy mug is key!!)

fresh lemon juice

Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice (you can eyeball this…just one big squeeze!)

1 big tbsp of honey

Fill cozy mug with hot water

A mini pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg

*1 drop of vanilla extract if desired!

Give it a swirl with a spoon and sip away!

steaming hot toddy