Raspberry Affogato

raspberry affogato

Affogato is one of those desserts that instantly transports me back to a time in Rome, many many years ago. My sister was filming The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and I went to visit her for two weeks. Honestly, Hilary and I made some of our best memories there. We tried beef carpaccio with arugula & parmesan for the first time, and ate it for almost every meal. We ate our weight in caprese salad, pasta and gelato. We got lost amongst the Spanish Steps and even found our way in to some night clubs!

The true highlight though, was the espresso…namely, the affogato. If you aren’t familiar with this dessert it is very simple and a true classic.

A good quality ice cream, topped with espresso…the warmth of the espresso melts the ice cream at the perfect speed. I love to top mine with berries for an added pop of color.


For this affogoto… I went with the classic! I used a french vanilla bean ice cream and a rich, dark espresso…

My mom loves a souther butter pecan ice cream affogato…

For the holidays, I love to do this with peppermint ice cream! It’s like peppermint-coffee-goodness in a bowl!

The possibilities are endless!