Life Hack: Baby Food Storage Bags

apples & peas

Has your little babe started eating solids and you don’t know what to do with all your leftover breastmilk storage bags??  Don’t toss them! Use them to store all their fresh baby purees!

Don’t get me wrong…a regular plastic sealable bag will do just fine…but if you are like me, you have a zillion of these breastmilk storage bags laying around! I happen to think these work better than the traditional plastic baggy because they are meant to be frozen! These babies were designed to safely store your BM for your babe, so naturally, it’s a win for their first purees too!


frozen baby food

If you are making in bulk, like in ice trays, 3-5 cubes will fit per bag…

You can also freeze a whole fruit, like this tropical dragonfruit…and lay it flat…it saves a lot of space in your freezer that way!

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