Home: Moroccan Tree Skirt

tree skirt

The tree skirt is one of those decor items you NEVER thought about as a kid. You use the same one, every year, no matter what! Because it’s the family’s tree skirt. Duh. It doesn’t matter if it’s not that dope… or if it wasn’t actually something passed down from grandma but in fact, it was a last minute purchase from a drugstore a few years back when Mom told Dad we needed a new one.

Guess what, guys? You do not have to use that old funky tree skirt! Hell, you don’t have to use one at all!!! (Ok, relax..let’s not get crazy now, you probably¬†should use a tree skirt)

I’m officially setting you free from the”old tree skirt” rut! This year, let’s think outside the tree skirt storage box!

While we were setting up our tree, we realized we didn’t have a tree skirt…and both of us instantly thought “Ok, we can pick up a red tree skirt this week.” (Red? Huh. We must have both grown up with red tree skirts) After a few minutes, I thought, why? Why do we have to have a traditional tree skirt, with a snowflake or a Santa sewn on it? I mean, I like both of those things but we have both had lots of Santa and snowflake filled holidays.

I glanced around a bit and remembered this great Moroccan wedding blanket that my friend Hannah brought back for me from one of her many adventures. It was perfect! It went perfectly with our whole boho “California Christmas” feel and blends beautifully with all the neutral colors in our home.

It doesn’t have a Santa or a snowflake, but it does totally rock as a tree skirt and I’m all about making new traditions for our family! Who knows…maybe Ryan will grow up thinking this is the tree skirt norm.