RGK Holiday

holiday card


It’s official! December is here, the last month of the year! It feels like the year has flown by…although our parents warned us about this, didn’t they? Of course I didn’t listen, like I should have. I can remember my mom telling me that the years go by so much faster as you get older, and it’s so true! It feels like I blinked and Ryan is already six months old. Nothing makes you see time flying by like having a baby. Their milestones and new experiences happen so fast, sometimes I have to remind myself to just tune everything out and be in the moment. To just soak up the beauty of all of us, as we are RIGHT NOW. Not the 10lb lighter us…or the more successful us…just you. As you are, and to be content with that.

I hope this year has brought you such happiness, and all the things your heart desired! I hope you went after your goals, lived your truth and played hard. After all, we aren’t getting any younger!


Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

xo Haylie