California Christmas

California Christmas


I love this time of year! Thanksgiving is great and all, but it’s a ton of work! Christmas is where it’s at!!! I love the lights, the chill family time by the fire and a couple good hot toddys. This year we opted for some unconventional Holiday decor…

We were feeling a boho “California Christmas” vibe…

So we opted for funky fabric tassels, instead of the traditional garland with red and green bows and lights…

fabric boho tassles


We used lots of fabric figure style ornaments, and even foodie inspired things…like glass pretzels and macaroons!

For our stockings, we ditched our old red & green stitched ones…becaaaause Ryan needed a stocking this year! We figured it was time to revamp ours too!

We went with fuzzy cream tones…with grey embroidery, that really popped against our fireplace.



Poufs, kilim rugs and driftwood really round out this look.



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