Turkey Day Table Game

I am thankful

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! That means all the grocery shopping has begun, your prepping is in full swing and my favorite family tradition is quickly upon us!

Every Thanksgiving, before we all begin eating, we all go around the table and say one or two things we are thankful for…the old Duff family classic story goes something like this…

“One year, when she was 3 or 4, Hilary sort of miss-understood the tradition. Instead of saying one or two things she was thankful for, the list went on and on! She was thankful for all the obvious ones…her family, her friends. She was also thankful for her teachers, her pets, her room, her toys, her play clothes, our swing set, the seesaw at school, the flowers, the bees, the little blades of grass she stepped on earlier that day, the clouds, music, hair bows, sunshine…”

Not a year goes by that this story doesn’t get brought up when it reaches Hilary’s turn to say what she is thankful for. “Keep it short Hil!” Gets yelled across the table, or “we aren’t thanking the blades of grass this year?”

If we have told that story once, we have told it a thousand times. That’s what families are good for though, isn’t it? Reliving happy times, making new memories and ringing in the holidays together.

So, in good ol tradition…I’m thankful for my family! My old family AND my new family. I’m thankful to have a job I love, and to be creative everyday. I’m thankful for the health of all of those around me, myself included, and I’m thankful that I know who has my back. Through the good stuff and the bad.


***RGK Turkey Day Table Game***

Use your old Halloween mini pumpkins as part of your Thanksgiving table!

Print up small cards for people to fill out when then sit down to eat, stating what they are thankful for, then throw them in to a pile in the center of the table. Next, everyone draws a card and tries to guess who’s card is who’s! Don’t forget to place a mini pencil by the side of the plate or fold it in to the napkin!