Baby: Cloth Diapers

cloth diaper booty

Ahhhh. Cloth diapers. This is one of those good ol’ fashioned mom topics that dates back to the beginning of time. Some mommies feel very strongly against them, simply because they have too much on their plate as it is…adding additional laundry and on to go storage for the dirties just seems like too much for them. While other mommies are adamant. ONLY cloth diapers for their littles. They are softer, less expensive over time and eco friendly. Then, you have the mommies that don’t have an option…due to littles with sensitive skin or allergies.

Like most “mom topics” disposable vs cloth seems to be a touchy subject for some, soooo being the non judgmental mommy that I try to be…I will keep my choice and opinion about it to myself! I will tell you that I recently found these super cute ones though, and learned a very fun fact about why you should keep a few cloth diapers on hand, just in case you don’t already!

Diaper rash!

Thanks to two great Dad’s I know (give up for Dad knowledge!)…I learned that cloth diapers are a great way to help get your baby through that uncomfortable time! The fabric is softer against their booties and they tend to not complain as much. So, if you find yourself tending to a baby with a diaper rashed booty…slather that poor pumpkin up really good and try a cloth diaper for a few days! See if it helps.